Bad Freds

Enter the sinister Crime World of Fredrick 'Three Sons' Murrey... And Freddy 'Mister' Rogers Enterprises. Clean as a whistle to the general public, but behind the scenes these two owned Hollywood and lead very dark and secretively mysterious vicious lifestyles.

Booze... Drugs... Gambling... Prostitution... These two had all the bases covered... Notorious womanizers, although rarely successful... Behind their 'wholesome personas' these two were vicious when drunk, stoned or rejected... Murrey savagely beat and hospitalized his son 'Ernie' for merely scraping his fork against his teeth while eating... Often accused visitors of 'eating or smelling like cow or pig dung'.

Rodgers was no prize package either... He required his female workers to "Bow to the King" while he sang ridiculous songs about frogs and special ways to brush their teeth with his 'special tool'. Even the police were terrified of 'Mister King Rogers'... The mailman was missing for 7 days and later found drugged and incoherent because he delivered an envelope where the stamp was crooked and not properly postmarked. It was said he was terrified of automobiles and often would take the street-car 'trolley' instead.

What Turned "The Freds" Bad?

Unable to get Hot Girls

It was said that women rejected their advances because they saw them as dull and boring and too straight-laced to have any real fun. Women often turned down their advances by loudy saying NOT WITH YOU!!

Although quite Rich, they were also Miserly.

These two would refuse to tip service employees because they should be able to live off the wages they were paid. Rogers was known to pick bottles out of the street trash cans to return them for the deposit.

Murrey would sniff women in public.

Murrey would sniff women and often loudly exclaim a person to smell like rotten cabbage or feces... At the same time, it was said he had very bad gas and would delight in farting loudly and pointing his finger and blaming others

Dogs would growl whenever these two were around.

Even dogs could sense there was something quite evil about these two... It has been said that they would often serve dog meat to unsuspecting guests only to find their pets would be missing afterwards

This is just the beginning of the story.

The Freds built a Massive Corporate Enterprise

There were no limits to what these two would do to earn an extra dollar.

People would mysteriously fall out of windows at their corporate center.

It was also said that a time furniture would be dropped from high above in attempts to hit passerby's on the sidewalk below.
They called it Vertical Bowling.

A Vicious Gang