"Welcome to my Neighborhood"

Freddy-Rodger was known for his foul language... He was known to blurt out long strings of highly offensive language in front of men, women and also children... When asked a question, he would often grab his private parts and say "I Got Your _(question)_ Right Here Swinging".

  • His postman delivered more than just the mail.
  • Roger could no longer drive after his 6th DWI.
  • "C'mon... Let's go play dress up"... He would often say.
  • Roger believed he was the real life King of Makbuleev.

Why Did the Dodger go Bad?

There were 2 very different sided to Freddy Rodgers.

"Rodgers had a sidekick named Freddy McFeely who was well known in both the gambling and narcotics world. He stationed himself on the local 'Trolley' and residents would make purchases there.

McFeely delivered Speed and Other Narcotics.

Fredrick McFeely was very well known and popular in the 'Hood... His 'Pay First, Play Later' motto well well known by local residents...

Freddy McFeely would also use disguises too.

He was often seen strutting down Front Street in high heels and wearing designer dresses. When asked, he would like to play 'dress up' with Rogers and make believe he was a Royal Queen.

McFeely has been rumorded to be Freddy Rogers in Disguise.

Although seen together on his broadcasts, that has been rumored, and has never been proven to be a film makers trick photography. They never have been photographed together in public. It is said that it gave Freddy Rogers the ability to move through the city without being recognized.

wydmuchaj to w dupÄ™, ty pieprzony idioto;

Fred Roger was known to make statements like this. He believed he was highly intelligent and after saying this he would then say "Look it Up"

His Calls for 'Action'