"Blow it out yer Bung-Hole"

Freddy-Mack was known for his crude expressions... He was known to blurt out very strange and unusual statements just before he gave 'orders' to his minions... He had a deep sinister laugh that was both scary and revealed his duality. To the public, he was a good family man, but when the camera was off, he was said to be vicious.

  • Uncle Charlie was his enforcer when things had to get rough.
  • Chip was the nickname after getting hit in the teeth by a hammer.
  • Robbie was smart and moved to San Fran to become a dancer.

Why Did Freddy Mack go Bad?

I guess there is just a meanness in this world.

"If you can't beat them... Then hurt them" was his motto, so he paid people to hurt others.

He confided to friends that he thought it was perfectly fine to pay others to hurt the people he disliked, feared or was famously jealous of.

Even though he was wealthy, he was rejected by Women.

NOT WITH YOU!!!... Was the reply he often received when asking women out.

Besides his foul odor, Freddy was a very boring person. He knew little about what interested others and when given the chance would talk about subjects like insects and the chemicals he was fond of.

Freddy Mack was not very Smart

Worried if there were too many people on one side, that the Earth would tip over.

He often spoke gibberish in an attempt to sound as if he knew foreign languages. Clever as he thought he was, others began to reject him and that often turned violent.
He eventually figured out that his 3 Sons were not his.

Embarrassed that he often 'soiled' his pants.

Freddy was know to have problems controlling his Bodily Functions.

Traumatized as a child with constant abuse of having gas and having 'accidents' in public. He smelled very badly and used too much cologne later in life trying to hide the foul stench.

Ut fugiat aliquam aut non

Freddy Mack was known to make statements like this. He believed he was saying 'Ugly Girl would you go to Aquarium at Noon for Fun?

His Calls for 'Action'